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Anti -Tobacco Campaign

Justice Kurup needs no special introduction.He is one of our most decorated judges of our time for his outstanding contributions in the field of tobacco control. His judgement banning smoking in public places has been universally hailed as a unique contribution to protect human rights to health. This judgement served as an eye-opener and trend setter not only for India but for entire humanity.The WHO and countries like Qatar have honoured the jurist taking note of the crusading spirit with which he fights the tobacco menace. By now, his name is a byword in every household and for every child in Kerala as a cult figure in the battle against tobacco. He did not simply right the judgement and go into oblivion after retirement in 2001 from the Madras High Court as its Ag. Chief Justice. On the contrary, the anti-tobacco campaign gained more momentum once he demitted office. His frequent radio talks and television channel appearances have produced a profound influence on the population especially the youth, against tobacco.The All India Radio, Cochin FM has a listenership of 8 million and the Doordarshan TV (both State owned) has viewership of several millions.The jingles produced by him highlighting the hazards of tobacco were broadcast nearly a year on All India Radio, Cochin FM and the documentary 'Karmaveedhi' (Path of Action) was telecast over the Doordarshan nearly a dozen times influencing millions and portraying tobacco as the culprit responsible for millions of premature deaths and in many cases killing the victims at the prime of their lives. He is a favorite speaker in many forums regional and national which he uses to the hilt in spreading the message against tobacco.It is his refrain that tobacco is the greatest villain in the world, killing several millions every year, not AIDS or Tsunami.He makes a point to administer a pledge against tobacco in every public meeting he addresses for the last two decades and the campaign goes on.Justice Kurup is widely known as a 'crusader against tobacco', 'patron of the non-smoker', a 'medical judge' (has been a BMJ Subscriber from Manipal and now from England) and so on.His latest missile against tobacco is the sticker campaign (No Smoking, Tobacco Kills, Quit Tobacco etc.) which has created widespread awareness among the public about the hazards of tobacco.National leaders, Scientists of international repute and sports superstars including P. T. Usha and Bindra - India's first Individual Gold Medalist have joined his anti-tobacco campaign giving a new dimension to the battle against tobacco.He has founded a registered society under the name 'Justice K.N. Kurup Anti-Tobacco Foundation'.The motto : 'Kick Out the Killer'. A documentary depicting tobacco as a colossal and gigantic monster under production to be screened throughout India and Abroad so as to wean away the population especially the teenagers from the dragnet and whirlpool of tobacco. In essence he has created a revolution against tobacco which by any reckoning is the most monumental one ever made by any non medical person in the annals of history.

The following photographs and documents bear ample testimony to the crusading spirit with which the jurist continues his campaign against tobacco in schools, colleges, business establishments, clubs, bars, eateries, restaurants, public offices, government institutions, hospitals, stadiums, cinemas, auditoriums and in short at any place where people assemble.

Anti-Tobacco Pledge   StickerCampaign
  Awareness Campaign


Anti-Tobacco Pledge



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Sticker Campaign



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Awareness Campaign



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