INTERNATIONAL HONOUR: Justice Kurup receiving the 'Humanity Service Award' instituted by the Anti-smoking Society from Dr. Khalifa al-Jabor on 30 January 2003. Dr. Al Ibrahim Jassim Fakhroo, Head of Health Media, State of Qatar, Naithani and Dr. Rasheed are also seen. In his acceptance speech, the Jurist stated as follows: "I feel a great sense of accomplishment at what I have been able to contribute to the judicial process in my own humble way during the last one decade of my performance in the seat of justice. Whatever little I could do or achieve was a result of my commitment to the public at large and a concern for their welfare. Today, when I am bestowed with this prestigious Award, I feel honoured in the sense that my contributions are internationally recognized by a forum like "The Anti-Smoking Society" which is functioning under the patronage of the Health Education Centre, Ministry of Public Health, State of Qatar. The very presence of high dignitaries add luster to this event which I shall treasure for the rest of my life. I feel that the Indian judiciary has gone a long way in evolving itself into a strong and credible pillar of our polity. Over the years, the great personalities who occupied the exalted position of the Indian judiciary laid the foundation of a highly pro-active judicial system even to the envy of other democratic countries in the world. The growth of judicial activism in India has earned the accolades of the international community. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have added my humble contribution to this great legacy through some bold decisions which I took in public interest. I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment of doing something very right to the community when our verdict "banning smoking in public places" was hailed by one and all including the international community as an unique contribution by the Indian judiciary to protect human rights to health."