HIGH PRIEST OF THE TEMPLE OF JUSTICE:The jurist accompanied by his wife Indira felicitates the many-splendoured Krishna Iyer on his 91s1 birthday at Cochin on 15 November 2005.
On this occasion the Jurist recalls the speech he made felicitating Justice Krishna Iyer, a legend in his own lifetime on being conferred with Padmavibhooshan (1999), as follows: 'He was so allergic to social injustice that he used to load his judgments with a high doze of obiter dicta ostensibly to signal the Government into taking remedial steps either for the amelioration of the conditions of prisoners, juvenile delinquents, and deserted wives, enactment of a nationwide no-fault scheme, widening the concept of "industry", victim reparation, eradication of corruption, adoption of class actions, independence of the judiciary, rent control, introduction of non-judicial modes of dispute settlement, electoral law reforms, effective access to justice and the need to explore techniques for solving and dissolving the perpetual crisis in human relations. In short, by any reckoning Justice Krishna Iyer by his multidimensional contribution to law and justice can rightly be called the most eminent jurist of the 20"' century.'