FAREWELL TO THE BENCH: Justice Kurup makes the parting speech on the occasion of his demitting office from the Madras High Court on 12th December 2001. Excerpt from the speech: "At this emotional moment of bidding adieu to my formal judicial position,I feel it is my duty and feel the liberty to share a few thoughts with you.The last decade of chairing the Benches in Kerala as well as Madras High Court,I had realized the merits,of being open-minded and straightforward,notwithstanding the accompanying agonies of having been so.Not just in the case of the issue of smoking in public places,of which,I was called upon to give a ruling,but also in so many issues,I kept my mind open to read the sentiments of the public interest litigations.I know very well that it was very difficult to be pro-active and at the same time,legally foolproof on such issues.It is indeed a delicate balance and let me say that at times,even a Judge has to take some risks in the interest of the society at large.This will be possible only through keeping track of the public sentiments and reaching out to share their plight.On this occasion,while unwinding myself before you,I want our legal system to be more sympathetic when it comes to larger public issues,especially those relating to the common man"