ADIEU TO COCHIN: Justice Kurup delivers the parting address on the occassion of his transfer from the Kerala High Court to the Madras High Court on 29 October 2000. Excerpt from the speech: "Personally speaking,I must thank my stars for this unexpected transfer,for i never thought in the wildest of my dreams that i will be blessed with a shift to no less a court than the prestigious chartered High Court of Madras of hallowed and hoary traditions.I am extremely grateful to one and all for this happy changeover in my career,at this point of time,providing me with an oppurtunity to face fresh challenges in a wider arena.My tenure on the kerala High Court Bench has provided me with some of the most stimulating and challenging years in my judicial career and i look forward to similar challenges in my new assignment at Madras.Thinking in retrospect,I am extremely happy that many of the cases which came up before me provided me with an oppurtunity to be of some service to the enlightened people of kerala and to the humanity in general."